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Testimony taken by Valdemir Mota de Menezes, the Scribe

Who was married to Antonio Dominic for 38 years and on August 1, 2011, when Dominic tried to climb the ladder to the upper floor, if unbalanced, falling down the stairs and hitting his head. In the house was the son of the witness, Rafael. Rafael and the deponent and all the family get along as "Dominic". He had three strokes and walked with a cane that day he lost his balance while trying to climb the ladder. He was rescued by an ambulance to the emergency room of the Park of the Flags, then was transferred to City Hospital but succumbed and died. The fact was treated for an accidental fall, without the slightest chance that criminal act.


The present police investigation was initiated by executive order to ascertain the circumstances of the death of Dominic De Souza, as shown in the records that on August 31, 2012 at 16hs30min the Street: Torquato Vitor dos Santos, 310 - Flags park, this metropolis , Mr. Domingo would have fallen from the staircase of his house, and helped the City Hospital, where he died.
Who came to declare the death of the victim was his son Rafael (pgs 3-4). Rafael does not have criminal records (pgs 8-11). The medical report indicates the cause of death as traumatic brain injury and cardiopulmonary arrest (pgs 16-17). The necropsy 465/11 also points to death by trauma (pgs 19-20).
Necy Maria, wife of Dominic testified and said the death was accidental Domingos, without the slightest chance of criminal act (25 pgs). The testimony of Rafael followed the same version (28 pgs).

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