sexta-feira, 1 de julho de 2011


Mind the above qualified military police reporting that it was triggered via radio to appear at the scene. Arriving there, he contacted the witness, victim's son, and he informed the military police that morning, he saw his father's house closed and he never picked up (with both neighbors) that "Walter" forced the kitchen door and it was opened. When driving up to the room, found his father dead with a pillow on her face. By removing the pillow there was a deep cut on his forehead and in the kitchen found a screwdriver on top of the closet with blood traces. Powered CEPOL lug through 1XXx, attended the expert AAAAAAA. The key was seized as xxxxxx seal, this police investigation team also visited the site and the body was removed to the morgue of Praia Gande by Osan. Nothing more

Following the investigations took testimony from the victim's daughter....

"Elia" and that Sean did not like Cicero, the father of the deponent. What Sean has threatened to kill "Cicerone", who would not only consider their mother ("Adrianova"). "Adrianova" who lived with the father of the respondent for twenty-five years. That "Walter" was created by "Cicerone" and both had much regard for each other. That the deponent is aware that Cicerone did a paper giving his property to the "Walter" and a few days before his assassination, Cicerone showed Sean the document in which he donated his property to the Walter.

That this attitude of the Cicerone, caused anger in Sean and Eliane. Elia That was intending to sue against Cicerone. Elia was disturbing that Cicerone often wanting documentation site. That both Sean and Elia are crack addicts, but some time ago the mother of Eliane, Adrianova said that Elia stopped using crack. That Adrianova died in May, which may have precipitated the decision of Sean, to kill Cicerone, because the witness firmly believes that he killed Cicerone. That as hearsay, neighbors saw Sean in the early hours of the crime, near the pool house, that at about 2:00 in the morning. People do not want to testify out of fear, but this rumor goes the neighborhood. What Sean never lived with Cicerone, he always lived with her sister Elia in Praia Grande. Who knows by Walter, who Sean owed ​​money to Cicero.. That soon after the death of Adrianova, in May, Elia entered the house of his father, Cicerone and took several belongings she claimed that her mother was. Eliane took towels, dish cloth, wall paintings, mixer, blender, clothes, electric oven and other things.

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