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Registration by Scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

That on the day of events was triggered via radio to address the occurrence of theft in the Tour of Fuel St. Jonah, arriving there, found the victim being rescued by the SAMU ambulance, it was referred to the Emergency Room of the Park of Flags, where he died . According to his wife found the victim. The Suzete reported that they had a trip in order Peruibe - Sao Paulo, who stopped the fuel station where her husband would use the bathroom, which in the meantime, the Suzete was inside the car Fiat / Siena, when José Carlos , husband of Suzete was leaving the bathroom, it was approached by three individuals, one of whom came to the marginal Suzete, and sent her off the car because they would steal the car. Right now the Suzete heard a shot and saw four meters away, her husband fell wounded. As the noise drew the attention of the largest customers of the post, the robbers decided to flee on bicycles. State of nervous Suzete, it was unable to describe the characteristics of criminals. No more witnesses were enrolled nor seized any object on the crime site.


case recorded by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes

Live with her mother, grandmother and six sisters. All live the retirement of his grandmother. The theft contained in police reports 572/12 has to say who participated in the robbery that ended with the death of José Carlos Campos. That day afternoon, aka the "Bubble Gum" and William met with the declarant and all combined to make a steal at Praia Grande, but that day the track was stopped because the traffic.

The William was the one who was armed. William was a 38 caliber revolver. black in color. But when they went to the track, the cars were in motion and so decided to get out of the highway Father Manoel da | Nobrega and went to the tire repair shop, next to the Post and Jonas are seeing this movement were put in fuel, was when the band decided to go to the Fiat / Siena silver, who was standing with a woman inside, they were about to steal the woman saw a man coming from the bathroom into the car. It decided to go up the man, and the declarant were up Willlian Jose Carlos, while the "Chewing Gum" was sending his wife out of the car.

The William was with the gun pointing at the Jose Carlos, it has revised the declarant Jose Carlos, running his hand around his waist and then reached into his back pocket to get the wallet of Jose Carlos, but Carlos José continued walking behind the car. The declarant and Jose Carlos ended up grappling, because the declarant was also pulling the chain from the neck of Jose Carlos, but could not take it, this time in which William gave a shot in the chest of the man who fell instantly. Shortly after shooting the declarant and William left running walk, the group was no bike.

The "Bubble Gum" also ran quitting to take the car because it was intent to steal the car. On the Trail of Chewing Gum eventually divorced, but the declarant and William were toward the quarantine district.

The declarant could not lead to portfolio José Carlos. After that the declarant went to his house and did not come over that night. THE next day William watched the TV show General Balance of the Record that the victim had died. As for the gun now that William said it, now that he borrowed from Sidney's quarantine of the neighborhood grocery store.

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