quarta-feira, 25 de maio de 2011


This is a true testimony taken by the scribe Valdemir Mota de Menezes, on attempted murder.

Alexandre want to see the answer criminal prosecution for grievous bodily harm, but as attempted murder. Because on the facts the declarant was in the bar drinking alone and saw Alexander himself at another table, who knew him by sight, but never talked to him and never had any problem with it. Alexandre who suddenly came up with a beer bottle, broke it on the counter and with a bottleneck of the bottle tipped glass, even used it as a dagger to pierce the neck of the declarant. What a mad rush to see the author, declarer put his arm in front, been suffering deep cuts on both arms. What then Alexander struck the second blow to the head of the declarant that left him bathed in blood. That the author thought that the declarant was going to die fled. That the claimant was rescued by a friend named Sergio who took him by car to the PS Park Flags. The next day, Alexander was arrested for trying to kill his wife with a knife. That the deponent saw the news in the Express and People returning to the bar, was told by regulars that Alex cited in news of the Journal was the individual who hit him plumb. The declarant with this information, police searched it and the researchers were successful in identifying and obtaining photos of Alexander even existed in this precinct. So to see a picture of Alexander the declarant had no doubt in recognizing him as the murderer.

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