quinta-feira, 4 de novembro de 2010


A dangerous criminal was lurking on the highway. When this car VW / Saveiro punctured the tire and the couple stopped to change the tire. The offender attacked the couple. Raped right there on the highway. The boyfriend of the girl fought back and took a fatal shot that killed him in the abdomen by internal bleeding. The young man fled with the car a few feet to ask for help, but hit the car.

The girl was shot while lying, see that she made a point blank shot from below that pierced her heart and she died instantly.

The criminal was discovered, was a amníaco already known to the police, because in another state of the Brazilian Federeação, had raped the wife of a policeman in front of her husband and also stole the couple. Recently (2008) was arrested after exchanging fire with dozens of police and even taking about ten shots, is alive.

Avoid to place the car in the wilderness and desert, near the periphery

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